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The Five 

The Five Obstructions is a 2003 Danish film by Lars von Trier and Jørgen Leth. In the film, Von Trier gives Leth, his friend, and mentor, the task of remaking The Perfect Human — one of Leth's seminal short films and von Trier's favorite film — five times, each time with a different 'obstruction,' or constraint, given by von Trier. In the first obstruction, for example, von Trier asks Leth to remake the film in Cuba, and no shot can be longer than twelve frames. (Taken from Jarrett Fuller's Syllabus)
Jarrett Fuller, our professor, used this as a framework for the Design Technology class for the semester, asking us to pick a personal project to work with, without being told that we were going to use the same for our source for the five obstructions.
Original Project  Handbag Editorial
Client: Myntra
Photography: Georgy / Styling: Shweta Aherwar



The First Obstruction 

The brief was to design two posters without
using any Adobe products.*(word processor,
handmade, HTML/CSS, iMovie, online tools)
They can be any size and any shape
and does not need to be a physical
poster (could be digital/online, projection)

Deconstructing the concept of a poster
to it's most basic elements, and reimagining it
in a three-dimensional space I used the product
itself as part of the visual aided by a projection
of lights.I still retained the aesthetics of the
original project to match that of the
new brand, Gucci (hypothetical).

 Making the prototype




The Second Obstruction

The brief was to design a publication using only black and white elements (No color though greyscale is acceptable). The details had to include at least one photograph and one illustration and should consist of text. The solutions used to make the poster may not be used.

Juxtaposing the photographs from the original photo shoot and Celiné's catalog images, I created collages for
a hypothetical Celiné Spring Summer catalog. I designed the catalog keeping the imagery and text minimal, sticking to the color scheme.


The Third Obstruction

The brief of the third obstruction was to take the content from the publication and turn it into a website, but not a 1:1 translation (page order must be different/distributed differently). The content must be the same but functioning differently. The site can be built with HTML/CSS or prototyped in Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign, but all features must be possible as if a real site, only using fonts available on At least one page must be prototyped for mobile devices as well. The site cannot be an advertisement, a store, or trying to sell something.

The website was designed using imagery from both the publication and the original editorial. The horizontal
scroll was used to show the timeline of how the brand's accessories were sourced and made, instead of having
a purchasable catalog.


The Fourth Obstruction

The fourth obstruction was to create a 30 second to 1-minute motion graphic
(video, animation, stop-motion, gif) without using any elements from the
previous obstructions. Only found elements/footage from other sources (no original footage allowed) that are thematically related to our previous work was allowed. It may not be an

Using Petra Collins' campaigns for the fashion brand, Gucci, I created a video montage that acted as a music video for the song, "Eyes Without a Face" by Baustelle. The link to the original project was the element of bags used in the video footage.


The Fifth Obstruction

The brief given was to create a design and prototype for an artificial intelligence bot or speculative project.
It can be a messaging interface, a voice-activated experience, an internet-connected device, Amazon dash button, or a futuristic piece of design.

Remaining true to the original project,the idea to create a smart bag, ‘Taylor’ arose. Primarily designed to keep track of one's essentials like their keys,wallet, and phones, Taylor lets one customize what their essentials are, and connects the user's bag to a mobile app.

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