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After choosing five potential verbs/ actions, I selected one that I would perform for the next 20 days. The learning outcome for this project is theme, variation, iteration, and process.

As I approach this project I had think about everything associated with that verb thinking both abstractly and literally.

Using the literal approach to the verb, I questioned the following.

How is the verb performed?
Does the verb require tools?
Does the verb require cognitive abilities?
Are their connotations associated?

The verb I chose was Juxtapose. After considering verbs like explore, learn, immerse and appreciate to experiment with the idea of the "socio-normative" and "the other." Juxtaposing familiar and unfamiliar ideologies, concepts to address a point was the approach taken. Using posters and gifs as a medium of expression, each iteration is a result of juxtaposing two ideas.

01 The Feminist Hunger Games
Using Kim Kardashian's perfume  to represent sexualising one's body and Rupi Kaur's poetry as a  representation of "intellect over beauty" approach to feminism, this juxtaposition demonstrates that there is n

o singular of adapting feminist views.

02 Butthurt
A juxtaposition of Elizabeth Eckford and the white women who were aggravated by her attending the same school as theirs, with the "angry" reaction button from Facebook.
03 The Baby Shower
The Baby Shower card is a juxtaposition of an aesthetically childish looking card with the text pointing out to the Midterms elections to take a stance on who to elect, so your reproductive rights are not at stake.

04 "Slavery is a Choice"
Kanye West's controversial comments on slavery being a choice inside his head when he was a much more popular figure in the past representing his deteriorating mental state in the public eye.

05 The Wave
Juxtaposing The Great Wave off Kanagawa against the Sahara desert to combine polar geographical locations and represent climate change.
06 The Soundtrack of America
The current politica

l climate where scandals are normalized, the story of President Trump and the pornstar Stormy Daniels sounds like the soundtrack of the summer. It's everywhere.

Using a reference to Kanye's album art for the Life of Pablo, this is the Soundtrack of America.
07 Weinstein A
A juxtaposition of a serial rapis

t and Hollywood executive, Harve

y Weinstein and his victims on the movie poster for the movie Predator.

08 Weinstein B
An iteration of the previous poster, this time replaci

ng the "predator's" face with Weinstein's.

10 Fire and Ice
A visual representation of Robert Frost's poem Fire and Ice, using two literal images of the polar opposites.

11 The Juice
A juxtaposition of OJ Simpson
in his prime days with his nickname "The Juice" on a Minute Maid Juice bottle.
12 The Dark Side
A juxtaposition of senator Orin Hatch and Emperor Snoke to represent evil, old men attempting to rule the world.
13 The Fossil
Orin Hatch makes another appearance this time 
juxtaposed with fossils to show how relevant they both are. One being extremely useful, while the other not so much.

14 Samhain

A Celtic Halloween poem, Samhain, by Annie Finch, juxtaposed with imagery of a seemingly innocent doll from a Russian factory. The idea was to impose the image of innocence with a hidden sense of dread.
15 Privilege

Juxtaposing Supreme Court Justice, Brett Kavaunaugh's favourite drink with his famous quote that amazed many of how he was capable of getting where he was.
16 Repetition

A juxtapostion of two historic events where two victims were questioned for being victims to a similar crime years apart.  
17 Step Closer

A juxtaposition of the same image "The Cleaning Lady" with its own multiples to denote progress- moving forward.  
18 Perfection

A juxtaposition of the imagery of perfection, Michelangelo's David with the Facetune app manipulating it to make it better.
19 Consequences

Juxtaposing the NRA's logo in the background with Emma Gonzalez, a survivor of the High School shooting in Parkland, Florida to show how heroes are forced into their roles due to tragedy.

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