Data. Food. People.

A collection of data-driven mapping of New

York City to build a narrative of finding

connections between people from diverse

ethnic and religious backdrops using food as a

unifying element.

Collaborator: Katelyn Gregorowicz

         Identifying the locality

After we have narrowed down Manhattan and Brooklyn as our

localities for research, we have studied their development over time

and their fundamental demographic structures through maps,

spatial analysis, and charts.

This layering of information has helped us identify patterns in the

convergence of communities and cultures. We have further

recognized several spheres of the population, gender, religion and

religious buildings using tools and existing databases and assets

from SAVI to GIS.

          Critical Response

By executing research through design, using visual treatment in

the form of charts and infographics, we further identied the

intrinsic need for human connections in the city. The data

demonstrated that the planes that were least likely to correlate

were religion and dating and how segregated people are in the

city. We wanted to bring a modern twist to let people

experience other people’s backgrounds. In this day and age

with such dierent viewpoints in the world, we wanted to

create an open space and experience to understand each other

truly and to build bridges to connect with new people.

         Design Process

Designing a social response that brings together people from

diverse ethnic and religious backdrops using spatial and

culinary experiences using deconstruction as a methodology.

Deconstructing the food to fuse multiple cuisines while being

respectful of the dietary beliefs of one another, we created

dishes combining elements from dierent religions.

Avoiding traditional colors, and using modernized aspects to

reect the interpretation of the re-imagined religious

culinary experience.

A prevalent spice palette to   understand the commonalities in food   despite being from dierent cultural backgrounds and geographical locations.

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