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CyberRwanda is a digital platform that aims to improve the health and livelihoods of urban and peri-urban adolescents (12-19 years) by supporting them at every step of their healthcare journey. Co-designed with over 800 Rwandan youth, the CyberRwanda online platform and corresponding program includes narrative storylines, a robust FAQ library, and a youth-friendly pharmacy locator. For young people who do not have phone access, CyberRwanda is currently available on tablets in 60 schools across six districts and popular Youth Centers across the country. 

One way we are working to make CyberRwanda desirable to young people is to create a strong logo and visual design. The logo for CyberRwanda was created to represent a sense of collective community. We worked closely with young people in Kigali to develop a mark that was based on traditional Rwandan art, strong yet simple patterns, and the many rolling hills that surround the capital city and earn it its motto, Milles Collines; the land of a thousand hills. Our brand values are being compassionate, trustworthy, future forward, and inclusive.

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